I think it's time for some changes and I'm starting with changing my blog. From now on i will be wring on my new blog page lifeofminjee were everything from what's going on and of course about my life on being a Korean adoptee in Sweden, a full time mother & fiancée and my bussnessplans. So bye bye and I'll be happy to see ya at my new place

My new blog

Sunday and thinking back

So this weekend was a grumpy one with my boys wanna do everything and one of them having a cold and so did I.

Just because I had so much time on my hands I got to be planning a lot of stuff like bussnessplans, my next trip back to Korea ( and this one I'll be taking my family with me and maybe my brother as well) and looking for new product to buy.
At the moment I'm thinking if we should go spring time or autum.

Well 2 years ago I did my first trip back to Korea and it was a quick one cos I was told my grandma didn't feel that well so from that I got the news from my sister it took 2 weeks until I sat on a flight going back "home" for the first time. It was a nervous flight but at the same time I didn't think to much about it. My sister and mom meet me at the airport and from there we jumped on the bus that took us about 4 hours to Gwangju. It was a nice and strange bus ride cos it was my first meeting with mom since I left Korea all those years ago.
My trip was an emotional one but at the same time very it was like every piece of my life puzzle fell in to place. I've "known" all these family members for so many years but at the same time they were strangers to me. I tried to prepare myself for the meetings by watching danakadan journey finding and meeting his family and that helped me a lot. I'll put a link to his journey down below.
To be spending time with my sister, aunts, uncle, grandparents and mom, step dad and cousins was an awesome experience and I can't wait until I can show my sons, fiancé, brother and maybe even parents my/our country with all it's sights, food and culture, that's gonna be an amazing experience.

Now it's time to chill with my boys and just enjoy this Sunday.

Danakadan's adoptions documentary

This is me

First time back and family reunion

So this is like the first blog post I've done in like YEARS but I felt it was time to start again and this time I wanted to share more about me and my history as an adoptee.

I was born in South Korea in 1986 in the city of Gwangju and at the age of 1 my birth mother did the curagius thing of giving me up for adoption so I could have a better life.
A few moths later I was on my first flight to my new country and new family.

I was greeted at Arlanda airport by my new mom, dad, brother and an uncle.
My mom later told me the story many times about something that my brother told them when he knew I was on the way. He said "she knows that you kidnaped her". But I couldn't have a better brother while growing up (he arrived also from Korea 3 years before me) and in our village where we grew up there was a lot of other adopted kids so we didn't really feel different.
Birthdays we had both Swedish and Korean flags on the table and tapes and books about Korea or adoptions was always available to us so we could learn about were we are from.

When I was 9 years old we got contacted by adoptions centrum in Stockholm who got a letter from SWS in Korea telling they had a letter from my birth mom and asked if they could send it to us, and of course they could, and there a loooong story begins. To make it a little shorter we are now closer then ever and I am blessed with a big family in 2 different countries.

I am also a mother of 2 to my loving (but a hand full) sons and living with my wonderful fiancé in Stockholm.

So this year is a special year for me and my family's but I will tell you more about that later.

I will try to keep this blog up to date at least once or twice a week (it's hard for me to do daily cos of work and family time) but this will be fun sharing a piece of me with those of you who will read this ^_^

Love M-J

This is me and my miracles

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